Flor de Caña

Easily one of our favourite rum distilleries to grace this fine planet. Flor de Caña puts out some incredibly tasty rums across the board and have been recognized around the world for it. While yes, there are SO many rums out there to get through, Flor de Caña will always be a constant on my shelf.

These days pretty much anyone can create rum, in most parts of the world, if they so desired. Though you’d be hard pressed to find a rum with as much stature and dedication to the community around them as Flor de Caña.

Established in 1890 at the base of one of the largest volcanos in Nicaragua, Flor de Caña have been creating super premium rum for 130 years! Throughout this long and sometimes rough history, they have been able to remain a family run business for 5 generations!

Not only are they rooted in this great history, the company is committed to running a truly sustainable distillery. They didn’t just do this to be trendy, it is something they believe in. Their spirit has been 100% distilled with renewable energy for over 10 years, and they have planted 50,000 trees a year since 2005. Even more impressive is that Flor de Caña has provided free schooling for the employee’s children since 1913, and since 1958 offered free healthcare at the company hospital. So not only do they care about the environment around them, they also strive to invest in their workers and the community. The distillery is also one of just a few spirit companies to adopt the Fair Trade practices.

Flor de Caña has taken so many different awards over the years. Not limited to: “Worlds Best Rum Distillery”, “Global Rum Producer of the Year”, and “#1 Rum on the Planet”. You know you will be getting something truly delicious

All the rums are truly natural from the field to the bottle. Naturally aged in premium white oak bourbon barrels sealed with Nicaraguan plantain leaves. All of their rums are matured without artificial ingredients and no added sugar content. Not many large rum companies promise that.

The Luxury Collection includes the 25 year old and is their finest full body sipping rum. The Ultra Premium Collection includes the exceptionally smooth 12 and 18 year olds. The 7 year olds fall in the Super Premium Collection and are balanced, full-bodied rums perfect for high end cocktails. The Premium Collection are young and light rums great for classic coctails.

Make sure to give this awesome brand a try if you have not already!

Octomore 10.4

We have received our long awaited shipment of the Octomore 10.4 release.

Most of us here are big fans of the heavily peated whiskies, and you can’t talk peated without mentioning Octomore! This one is a bit more out of the norm being the youngest ever released at 3 years! Don’t let that put you off. They have managed to give some great depth and balance in 3 years that some can’t do in 10. The Scottish barley and Virgin Oak used in this one really works. There have definitely been Octomore releases that have been misses for me, but this one is more in the hit column. While by no means is my favourite release, I am still happy with the outcome.

Great earthy flavours of smoked wood chips used for BBQs and warming apple cider feelings. Dry with a citrus vanilla swirl in there!

Here are some 10.4 facts from Bruichladdich:


Grab a bottle for yourself! RIGHT HERE!

WhistlePig Distillery

If you are not already aware of the WhistlePig Distillery, we are here to help you with that! Transforming from a Vermont dairy farm into rye whiskey making powerhouse is not the normal distillery story, but it is one of the things that makes them special!

The distillery’s dream was to make WhistlePig a leader in bringing genuine rye whiskey back to the forefront of the American whiskey market. Their whiskey making journey started by buying up stock of a 10 year old Canadian blending whiskey, that they believe wasn’t being utilized properly. From there, the vision of WhistlePig was to become a distillery that handles all aspects of the whiskey making process. From growing the grain on the farm to bottling in-house, that was achieved!

They are using their 500+ acre farm in Vermont to experiment and produce some of the best rye whiskies you’ll be able to enjoy! And this isn’t one of those farms some companies use for marketing purposes, it is a fully working farm with a multitude of animals calling WhistlePig home. They even have 20 acres of maple trees that they tap for syrup. *Side note: Vermont maple syrup is delicious!

The way they look at improving and making their whiskey better, is how all companies should approach their own products. A lot can be said about how they strive to be better.

With every step of the Whiskey making process we ask ourselves 3 questions:

“How was this done in the past?”

“Have we learned anything since then that can make this better?”

“Is there another way to do this that’s worth exploring?”

More often than not the answer is there’s always something worth exploring. We know the path forward isn’t always a straight line. So we push ourselves to innovate and we’re reassured by our mistakes. They’re what keep us great.”

Their whiskies include:

  • 10 year old – 100 proof
  • 12 year old – Finished in old world wine casks
  • 15 year old – Finished in Vermont estate oak
  • Farmstock – Made from their grain, wood, and water
  • PiggyBack – 100% Rye and 96.56 Proof
  • 18 year old – 79% rye, 15% malted rye, 6% malted barley
  • Boss Hog – Single Barrel, Barrel strength, and Finished in Umeshu Barrels

Made up Drink List for a Made Up Holiday

We’ve put together a random list of drinks for you to enjoy alone or with that special someone on the 14th of February. If you’re not into this overly pink and red holiday coming up, maybe this list can help you see a bottle of something new! So we all brainstormed some ideas of what we may want to drink on that romantically charged holiday. Some of these will suit the day perfectly and others might be a stretch, but they will all go down well!

Mermaid Pink Gin

Yes, it’s on the list because it is pink! This gin from the Isle of Wight Distillery doesn’t just fit the aesthetic, it is an refreshingly delicious gin. Infused with fresh island strawberries, Mermaid is an incredibly aromatic and smooth with complex citrus flavours.

Stalla Dhu Saorsa

This may not have anything to do with V-Day but there is always a good time for our very own independent bottling, Saorsa. This Speyside single malt was aged in sherry butts and offers peppery notes with heaps of fresh forest fruits. Exclusive to us, you are getting something truly unique.

Two Birds Gin Gift Pack

When one’s not enough, get two! This pack of two gins is a great little gift to enjoy together. Inside you’ll find one London Dry Gin and one of their specialty cocktail gins. Wonderful traditional dry taste with a bold kick. Something to get your night started off right.

Liverpool Rose Pedal Gin

What’s this holiday without some roses?! We’ll stick with the alcoholic variation instead. Produced in small batches, Liverpool Gin is 100% organic and this bottle is crafted with rose pedals as one of the key botanicals. Beautifully delicate and fragrant with soft floral notes.

Blanton’s Gold

A little bit of gold seems like a good gift for Valentine’s Day! Most definitely one of the greatest bourbons ever crafted! Hand bottled from the best casks Blanton’s distillery has to offer. What makes this even more special, this a bourbon that is not regularly available in the US. A very full flavoured and complex drink with wonderful rich honeyed fruit flavours.