The Stars are Aligned with Hendrick’s Lunar Gin

I thought I’d sit down with this limited edition Hendrick’s Gin for this Sunday afternoon. I am a fan of Hendrick’s standard release, so was happy to take home a bottle of this Lunar release. The packaging and marketing for this alone was enough to get me hooked. Luckily the contents live up to the packaging!

This release is the second release from master distiller Leslie Gracie’s Cabinet of Curiosities from Hendrick’s Gin Palace in Scotland. She felt the inspiration to create this gin while tending to the botanicals one evening on a bright moonlit night. The starry evenings on the more secluded Ayrshire coast are absolutely gorgeous away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is no surprise that it would get those creative juices flowing to create a Lunar Gin.

According to Leslie Gracie:

“There is the warmth of some of the botanicals, like being wrapped up warm and snug of an evening. There is the rich aroma of night scented flowers and in the background you can just about make out the refreshing burst of citrus.”

Quite a lovely mellow gin, and I didn’t quite expect it to be so moorish! Definitely brighter than the original Hendrick’s with a subtle peppery bite, along with that cucumber freshness! The burst of fresh orange and warming feeling this release gives you just walks itself up the list of gin favourites.

Most definitely if you are already a fan of the standard release and have yet to try it, grab one here! You don’t want it to fade away in the night without giving it a shot.

New Springbank and Longrow Releases

We are very excited to be receiving the new shipment of the Springbank 17y/o Madeira and Longrow 21. Springbank is easily one of our favourite distilleries, so to say we are a little excited would be an understatement! As one of the few family run distilleries, and one that does every step of the process in house, just makes them that more special.

We will have these available online for purchase shortly, so keep an eye out for that announcement. Until then, here is a breakdown of the two new releases.

Springbank 17 y/o Madeira – 47.8% – Limited to 9,200 bottles. 


Casks: 14 years Bourbon & Rum
3 years Fresh Madeira

Sweet and jammy. There are aromas of
parma violets, boiled sweets and buttery
tablet with a note of fennel. Sticky ginger
cake, strawberry jam with a tang of
grapefruit and lemon sherbet. There is a
familiar coastal saltiness on the nose.

The briny, maritime characteristics follow
through with light peat smoke. Sticky
toffee pudding, caramelised sugar and a
spicy, herbal hint of black cracked pepper
and tea leaves.

The finish is nutty, smooth and slightly
woody. Notes of walnuts and pecans with
subtle peat smoke to the end.

Longrow 21 y/o 2020 – 46% – 3,600 Bottles.


A sweet yet meaty dram with aromas
of glazed cherries and cured meats.
Stewed dark plum notes and chewy
black wine gums. Maple syrup and
crispy bacon with a medicinal influence
from the robust peat smoke. A vibrant
nose with a touch of zesty orange peel.

Sweet, smoky and waxy with a twist of
citrus. Caramel shortbread with
marzipan, lemon zest and a dusting of
icing sugar. Wax crayons and rich dried
fruits with a touch of clove spice.

Rich and plummy with flavours of black
forest gateaux, bitter chocolate and
soft dark fruits. There is a recognisable
cereal, earthy, farmyard characteristic
in the finish.

Have a look at our selection of other Campbeltown whiskies in the meantime!

A Quick Look at Diageo’s 2020 “Rare by Nature”

I thought I’d post a brief run down of the recent Diageo releases for the few that haven‘t yet seen them! They have a great selection of some fantastic distilleries this year. Eight highly sought after whiskies that showcase Diageo’s incredible whisky stocks from over 30 different distilleries! They do this to highlight some long forgotten drams and more experimental expressions that are sure to excite the collectors, as well as the drinker.

With all that said, here are the 2020 Special Releases “Rare by Nature”:


ABV: 55.1%


CASKS: First ever release from 100% refill American oak hogsheads

REGION: Speyside


This unusual first-ever exclusively refill cask release of The Singleton Dufftown has been matured for seventeen years in refill American oak hogsheads, to showcase the fresh, spring-like nature of this slowly crafted single malt.


ABV: 57.9%


CASKS: From refill casks, then finished in pot – still Caribbean Rum casks

REGION: Isle of Skye

PLACE OF ORIGIN:     Carbost

From a malt rich in maritime character, this adventurous release of Talisker is the first ever to be finished in pot-still Caribbean rum casks.


ABV: 56.9%


CASKS: Finished in fresh – toasted Pedro Ximenez & Oloroso – seasoned casks

REGION: Speyside


This Mortlach was matured for rich distillery character in small batches then carefully finished in Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso- seasoned casks to build yet more levels of aroma and taste.


ABV: 56.4%


CASKS: From refill hogsheads and butts selected for quality alone



This single vintage Lagavulin has been matured in traditional refill American oak casks selected to give a perfect expression of distillery character. Soaring in taste and intensity, the flavour is powerful and assertive yet subtly sweet.


ABV: 56.0%


C A S K S: Refill casks and new and ex – bourbon American oak hogsheads

REGION: Speyside


Clean, elegant and perfectly poised, this Cardhu was made in small batches and matured in refill casks, as well as new and ex-bourbon American oak, drawing out tones of floral sweetness and spicy intensity in a playful exchange between wood and whisky.


ABV: 55.8%


CASKS: From refill and new fresh – charred American Oak hogsheads

REGION: Speyside

PLACE OF ORIGIN: Ballindalloch

A Cragganmore of this age has never been released from the distillery, making this elusive malt a much anticipated expression. A small, experimental batch of cask strength and medium-peated Cragganmore matured in traditional refill American oak casks.


ABV: 51.9%


CASKS: From refill American Oak hogsheads.

REGION: Highland


This ultra-rare single vintage Dalwhinnie has an astonishing bright intensity for its age and comes uniquely from refill American oak hogsheads, all of which were casked in 1989.


ABV: 50.8%


CASKS: Matured in refill and finished in first    – fill ex – bourbon casks

REGION: Speyside

PLACE OF ORIGIN: Dufftown (closed distillery)

This elusive 1989 Pittyvaich from the last remaining stocks is the first ever to be finished in first-fill ex-bourbon casks.

Willett Family Bourbons

I’m always happy when bourbon shipments come in! Wether they are new releases, new to us, or just restocks! This past week we received our shipment of bourbons from Willett Distillery in, you guessed it, Kentucky. I have been a fan of Willett bottlings for a while, although I have not tried all of them yet, I have enjoyed the ones I have.

Willet Distillery remains independently family owned and operated, while it’s roots date back to shortly after the American civil war. It is currently in it’s fifth generation of family distillers and continuing to deliver exceptional spirits with that southern hospitality feel.

Two of my favourite bourbons that always have a place on my shelf are from the Willett Family brands. Those would be Rowan’s Creek and Noah’s Mill! In addition to those two, also returning to our shelves are Willett’s Family Resrve 4, Willett’s Pot Still, and Pure Kentucky XO.

Willett Family Estate 4 Year Old: Incredibly well balanced that you’ll almost forget it’s cask strength! A wonderfully robust rye that gives you flavours of baked cherry pie, caramelised vanilla, and baking spices.

Willett Pot Still Reserve: Eye catching decanter in the shape of a pot still holds an even more solid bourbon! An interwoven mix of zesty citrus and honey carries this bourbon over the taste buds. Ending with that tasty rye spiciness.

Noah’s Mill: A wonderfully lush small batch bourbon. Incredibly smooth for a full proof bourbon. Flavours of toasted cinnamon pecans, coconut dates, mesh well with the spices and charred oak notes.

Rowan’s Creek:One of the best selling bourbons from the distillery, it is named after the creek that runs through the property. Incredibly velvety on the tongue, with a fantastic caramel sweetness you’d expect from a great small batch bourbon. Lingering clove spiciness is just enough to compliment the sweetness.

Pure Kentucky: Named as a tribute to it’s home state, because when you think of Kentucky, you think of bourbon! For those that like those oak and spice flavours at the forefront, with just the right amount maple sweetness.

If you’re feeling like a bourbon purchase is in your future, give one of the Willett family bottlings a go!

Relax With the Yellow Spot

With everything going on, you have to just find your favourite ways to decompress! A Sunday afternoon with a wonderful whiskey is a perfect way for me. Today I went with a super tasty Irish single pot still whiskey, Yellow Spot 12. This second edition from the ‘Spot’ range. This and Green Spot are the last of the original Irish bonded whiskies.

When the whole bonded whiskey market disappeared in the late 60’s, Mitchell & Son’s of Dublin kept Green Spot going, but Yellow Spot disappeared for over 45 years! Thankfully brought back in 2012. Great decision!

Both the Green and Yellow Spot whiskies are very good, but Green takes the cake with it’s extra aging. In addition to that, Green spent time aging in Spanish Malaga casks after it’s time in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks. The extra levels of complexity and character that the Malaga wine casks bring is fantastic. A very apparent level of sweetness the Green does not have!

This whiskey is wonderfully rich and velvety in texture which just adds to the moreish-ness of it. Just the right levels of sweetness, with flavours of caramelised bananas, Christmas spices, toasted cereals.

If Irish whiskey is your thing, and you haven’t had the Yellow Spot, then you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Stay healthy and sane!