5 Great Affordable Whiskies

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  • Posted on: 07/03/20
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Not all whisky has to make a dent in your wallet for it to be good. Too many people are under the assumption that you have to pay a lot to get a quality whisk(e)y. That’s not the case. We’ve put together a small list of whiskies that you can pick up if you don’t want to spend too much. We’ll stick to a price tag under £40.

Edradour 10 Year Old – £38.95

One of Scotland’s smallest distilleries, Edradour is tucked away in the hills of Pitlochry. Their whisky output is such a small fraction of most of the other distilleries. This 10 year old bottling is a great offering from the southern Highlands and at a great price point. Quite soft with notes of toasted cereals and rich fruits. A very easy dram.

Talisker 10 Year Old – £36.89

Want a bit of that coastal flare? Grab a bottle of this whisky from the only distillery on the Isle of Skye! Part of Diageo’s Classic Malts Collection, this dram gives you a true taste of the elements. Wonderful notes of smoked meats, maritime saltiness, and candied fruits.

Teeling Small Batch – £36.95

I wanted to throw an Irish in here just because we are big fans of Teeling! This is an excellent blend if you want to make a move away from Jameson. Using ex-rum casks to finish off the maturation, you get an undoubtedly tasty sweetness. Lovely caramel apple flavours with an easy smoothness.

Springbank 10 Year Old – £39.99

Easily one of my favourite distilleries. Based on Campbeltown, Springbank are still a family run distillery that does every bit of the whisky making process in house! Not many can say that these days. This 10 year old is rich and full toasted malt flavours with tangy fruit notes. The slight and perfect amount of peat gently passes over the tongue.

Tomatin Legacy – £25.95

This wonderful bottling from an equally wonderful distillery, was bottled to pay homage to the dedicated community that is at the heart of the distillery. As part of it’s legacy, Tomatin remains one of the only distilleries that provides a home for it’s craftsmen. Flavours of vanilla cake, crisp citrus and a piney freshness.

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