New Springbank and Longrow Releases

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  • Posted on: 22/11/20
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We are very excited to be receiving the new shipment of the Springbank 17y/o Madeira and Longrow 21. Springbank is easily one of our favourite distilleries, so to say we are a little excited would be an understatement! As one of the few family run distilleries, and one that does every step of the process in house, just makes them that more special.

We will have these available online for purchase shortly, so keep an eye out for that announcement. Until then, here is a breakdown of the two new releases.

Springbank 17 y/o Madeira – 47.8% – Limited to 9,200 bottles. 


Casks: 14 years Bourbon & Rum
3 years Fresh Madeira

Sweet and jammy. There are aromas of
parma violets, boiled sweets and buttery
tablet with a note of fennel. Sticky ginger
cake, strawberry jam with a tang of
grapefruit and lemon sherbet. There is a
familiar coastal saltiness on the nose.

The briny, maritime characteristics follow
through with light peat smoke. Sticky
toffee pudding, caramelised sugar and a
spicy, herbal hint of black cracked pepper
and tea leaves.

The finish is nutty, smooth and slightly
woody. Notes of walnuts and pecans with
subtle peat smoke to the end.

Longrow 21 y/o 2020 – 46% – 3,600 Bottles.


A sweet yet meaty dram with aromas
of glazed cherries and cured meats.
Stewed dark plum notes and chewy
black wine gums. Maple syrup and
crispy bacon with a medicinal influence
from the robust peat smoke. A vibrant
nose with a touch of zesty orange peel.

Sweet, smoky and waxy with a twist of
citrus. Caramel shortbread with
marzipan, lemon zest and a dusting of
icing sugar. Wax crayons and rich dried
fruits with a touch of clove spice.

Rich and plummy with flavours of black
forest gateaux, bitter chocolate and
soft dark fruits. There is a recognisable
cereal, earthy, farmyard characteristic
in the finish.

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