Talisker Expedition Oak

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  • Posted on: 16/08/21
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If you are in the market to drop a pretty penny on an EXTREMELY special whisky, then Talisker may have the one for you!

The Talisker Expedition Oak is a 43 year old series that is born of adventure and to celebrate the wild side of whisky making. Rare aged single malts that have been influenced by barrel staves that have travelled on a wilderness journey!

This journey was a trans-Atlantic experience by renowned adventurer James Aiken, where he solo sailed 3,264 miles carrying the wood staves with him. This journey is the same route that the ocean rowers took on the annual Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. This is also a tribute to the history of the Talisker distillery where the MacAskill brothers rowed from the Isle of Eigg to Skye so they could create the distillery.

After the sailing adventure, the staves are brought back to Scotland to be added to 10 different casks containing whisky that been maturing for over 40 years. These staves will have added a true spirit of the sea, more so than any other Talisker, that imparts a uniqueness on the whisky.


Deep clear amber. Excellent beading.




Mellow overall and slightly spicy, with a fruity top note of bruised apple and a smooth, aromatic hint of wax. Beneath these scents lie intriguing rich layers of aroma; notes of canvas and varnished wood mingle with maritime hints of seaair and warm sand, all swirling above a faintly smoky and waxy base.


A smooth texture and a vibrant, juicy start introduce a sweet, rich, intensity with a fresh, balancing splash of ocean salt spray. The effect becomes lightly drying before Talisker’s peppery warmth envelops the palate. Mesmerising overall, it cascades with smooth, rich flavour and is excellent to drink neat.


Wonderfully long, with a considerable sweet chilipepper warmth that suffuses the whole palate.

There are only 1830 bottles available to honour the year the distillery opened! In addition, every bottle comes with a small piece of the staves that took that journey!

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