The Stars are Aligned with Hendrick’s Lunar Gin

  • Posted by: whiskyblogger
  • Posted on: 29/11/20
The Stars are Aligned with Hendrick’s Lunar Gin featured image

I thought I’d sit down with this limited edition Hendrick’s Gin for this Sunday afternoon. I am a fan of Hendrick’s standard release, so was happy to take home a bottle of this Lunar release. The packaging and marketing for this alone was enough to get me hooked. Luckily the contents live up to the packaging!

This release is the second release from master distiller Leslie Gracie’s Cabinet of Curiosities from Hendrick’s Gin Palace in Scotland. She felt the inspiration to create this gin while tending to the botanicals one evening on a bright moonlit night. The starry evenings on the more secluded Ayrshire coast are absolutely gorgeous away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is no surprise that it would get those creative juices flowing to create a Lunar Gin.

According to Leslie Gracie:

“There is the warmth of some of the botanicals, like being wrapped up warm and snug of an evening. There is the rich aroma of night scented flowers and in the background you can just about make out the refreshing burst of citrus.”

Quite a lovely mellow gin, and I didn’t quite expect it to be so moorish! Definitely brighter than the original Hendrick’s with a subtle peppery bite, along with that cucumber freshness! The burst of fresh orange and warming feeling this release gives you just walks itself up the list of gin favourites.

Most definitely if you are already a fan of the standard release and have yet to try it, grab one here! You don’t want it to fade away in the night without giving it a shot.

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