Untamed Peat

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  • Posted on: 01/04/20
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Last week the peat powerhouse unveiled a new bottling to be added to their core range. Wee Beastie is bringing a new flare to the Ardbeg lineup.

The most notable change to the new bottling is the very different red foil top as opposed to normal less flashy dark top. In addition to that, Wee Beastie will wear it’s young age of 5 years old as a badge of honour! Not many whiskies out there have such a young whisky as part of their core range, let alone have the number printed on the label! While most companies usually try to hide their young age statement whiskies, Ardbeg is making it known that they are very proud of that 5 years.

They have definitely geared this one to the peat fanatics out there! Traditionally these heavily peated spirits are aged to tone down the intensity of the peat and medicinal flavours. That’s not the case with Wee Beastie. They are really turning those intense flavours up a few notches, noting that this bottling is intended to be “untamed by age”.

“I am sure that many Ardbeg fans will love this tongue tingling expression. The selected casks create a bottling that can be enjoyed neat or is a delicious main ingredient in a powerfully smoky cocktail.”

Ardbeg’s Director of Whisky Creation, Bill Lumsden.

The availability will be sometime in May and we will let you all know when we are to receive our stock. It will definitely be a welcomed distraction from the craziness of the outside world. We will for sure be experimenting with what super smoky cocktails we are able to come up with.


Images from Moet-Hennessy
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