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  • Posted on: 04/10/19
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We just received a couple bottlings from Seattle’s Westland Distillery. They were awarded Craft Producer of the Year by Icons of Whisky in 2016 and Master Distiller/Blender of the Year in 2018. They are passionate about creating authentic American single malts, and establishing a unique cultural identity. They have no desire replicate or copy Scotch.

Even though they have been around for a little while, they are new to us. The team here always enjoys receiving out the ordinary bottles! Once we are able to crack some open, we will report back. This may also add to the list of excuses to visit Seattle!!

In the meantime, grab a bottle and try for yourself!

American Oak: http://bit.ly/2Vccdnq

The distillery’s flagship whiskey and a part of their core range. Combining their signature five-malt barley bill and brand new American oak casks, they are creating something truly their own! Like Scotland pulls styles from their regions, this American Oak is a true reflection of the Pacific Northwest!

NOSE: Lemon and orange custard, waffle cone, crème brûlée, chocolate custard, jasmine.
PALATE: Rich fruit, Rainier cherries, Swiss chocolate, almond, bananas, cream, Turkish coffee.

Sherry Wood: http://bit.ly/2IlRhoS

Created in Scottish fashion. Using their five-malt spirit, they fill hogsheads and butts sourced from the same regions that Scotland acquires theirs. Westland does something more unusual and has their sherry casks shipped whole. They say it creates a much more vibrant sherry character, but still allows the barley notes to shine through!

Nose: Honey-dipped oatmeal raisin cookies, maple syrup, banana pancakes. 
 Kiwi, maple syrup, raisins, sweet cookies, pastries, stewed yellow fruits. “

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