6 Great Whisk(e)y Distilleries to Visit

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  • Posted on: 31/01/20
6 Great Whisk(e)y Distilleries to Visit featured image

We all may enjoy having a dram from the comfort of our own home or favourite watering hole, but how about at the source?! Whether you you want to make a specific whisk(e)y focused trip or just find a nice addition to your travel experience, you’re in luck. We have put together a small list of distilleries around the world that would definitely make for a good time!

Nikka’s Yoichi Distillery. Hokkaido, Japan.

While I don’t believe you could go wrong visiting any of the distilleries in Japan, Yoichi would be a personal favourite. Having been built in 1934 after leaving Yamazaki, Masataka Taketsuru wanted to emulate the Scottish distilleries he loved so much. So in true Scottish fashion, he built Yoichi up north nestled between the mountain and the sea. Coal fired pot stills creates whisky with those similar seaside flavours and slight pettiness that a lot of people love from Scotland. Grab a tour and take in the beautiful surroundings. The love of whisky transcends the language barrier!

High Coast Distillery. Kramfors, Sweden.

If you are in or planning a trip to Sweden, take a trip up to High Coast Distillery (formally Box Distillery). Opened in 2010 on the Ångermanälven river in and old wooden box factory, they have already been producing some great whiskies. Producing both peated and un-peated malts, you can take one good look at this company and see that they put their hearts into producing the best product they can! They have a visitor center, restaurant and whisky bar for those that are looking for a whisky adventure.

Blair Athol Distillery. Pitlochry, Scotland.

No whisky distillery list can have Scotland missing from it. There are so many great distilleries in Scotland that it warrants a trip just for them! With that in mind, we decided to just stick a couple on the list. Blair Athol sits in the beautiful town of Pitlochry and is the self-proclaimed “gateway to the Scottish Highlands. Anybody wanting a true Scottish experience will not be disappointed. A beautiful distillery with an equally gorgeous surrounding. They offer plenty of tours ranging from £9 to £250 all day experiences.

High West Distillery. Wanship, Utah.

Now we’re heading all the way over to the Wild West in Utah! A truly unique distillery for sure, it is the first legally licensed distillery in Utah since 1870! Founded by a former biochemist with a love for the old west and made famous by their different blend creations. They also produce their own high quality spirits at the 25,000 square foot compound. Tours of the beautiful distillery are available as well as an accompanying saloon in Old Town Park City. A must for anyone that has a love for the old west and good whiskey.

Highland Park Distillery. Orkney Islands, Scotland.

For those feeling adventurous and want to get away from the normal Scottish whisky trails of the Scottish Mainland, this one’s for you. Visiting this Viking Homeland has always been at the top of my list; it’s fierce and remote, rooted in great Nordic/Scottish history, once ruled by Viking Kings. Pack accordingly and just prepare for some awe-inspiring surroundings. Warm up with some of Highland Park’s delicious whiskies while on one of their tour options!

Woodford Reserve. Versailles, Kentucky.

With bourbon being beloved all over the world, we couldn’t make this list without a bourbon distillery! Sitting right in the heart of bourbon country, Woodford creates a wonderful small batch straight Kentucky bourbon. Sitting on Kentucky’s oldest distilling sites where Elijah Pepper started crafting whisky in 1812, Woodford is a registered historic site. If you are a bourbon fan, you won’t be disappointed with a visit here. Also, nothing is stopping you from continuing on the bourbon trail to the many other distilleries in the area!


While this list is not an end all be all list, it is one to put ideas in your head! There are plenty of distilleries in this world that will suit many different people with a variety of tastes. We just compiled a small list of places that sounded great to us!

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