6 Fabulous Whiskies To Make The Holidays Better

Are you looking for some gift ideas for the holiday? We are always here to help if you need some suggestions. Here is a small list of some absolutely lovely drams I have been enjoying lately. You have Scotland, England, Japan, Taiwan, and America represented. Something for everyone here!

Stalla Dhu Cask Strength Linkwood 13-Year-Old Reserve – 57.3% 70cl

Toffee apples on the nose and toasted caramel notes emerge beautifully. The palate is complex and rich with notes of nougat and woody tobacco hints. Definitely one of our favourite’s!

Kavalan Classic Single Malt Whisky – 40% 50cl

The Taiwanese distillery, despite only being in business since 2005, has stunned the industry with their young but full-flavored whisky, focusing on their distinctively enjoyable tropical fruit notes.

Nikka Miyagikyo No Age Statement – 70cl 43%

Masataka Taketsuru, known as the; Father of Japanese Whiskey; created Nikka in 1934. The Miyagikyo distillery, located close to Sendai in northern Japan, produces this rich, fruity, and smooth Single Malt which presents flavours of honey, citrus peel, and freshly cut grass.

The Lakes Whiskymakers Reserve No.5 – 52% 70cl

The fifth edition in The Lakes Whiskymaker’s Reserve series is a great example of an outstanding English single malt! This bottling presents a distinctively sherried style, bottled at 52% ABV and made using a combination of Pedro Ximénez sherry, Oloroso sherry, and red wine casks.

Legent Bourbon – 47% 70cl

Legent bourbon is truly unique while remaining true to the core of bourbon’s principles, bringing together over 225 years of bourbon-making heritage and nearly 100 years of Japanese whisky artistry. Partially finished in red wine and sherry casks, it has a complex combination of spice and fruity undertones.

Lindores Cask of Lindores STR Wine Barique – 49.4% 70cl

This is the second release in the Casks of Lindores series from Lindores Abbey distillery, and has been matured exclusively in STR (shaved, toasted; re-charred) red wine barriques and bottled at 49.4% vol. A warming, sweet dram with complex spice.


Hopefully one of these has piqued your interest enough to try! If not, peruse the site, and you are bound to find a fabulous treat. If you are stuck, send us a message, and we’d be glad to help.



Random Spirits To Enjoy On That Random Holiday

We’re nearing that 14th of February Hallmark holiday again where it’s like Cupid threw up red and pink things everywhere! We are always up for making a list of spirits we are currently enjoying, so that’s what we did. Whether you enjoy celebrating this holiday or not, that doesn’t matter here. These fabulous drinks are sure to tickle your tastebuds and bring upon that warming feeling deep inside. So hopefully this completely random list can inspire you to try something new!

Weller Antique 107 Bourbon – 53.5% 75cl

I swear, it’s not because it is red! This is an absolutely incredible wheated bourbon that has been accompanying my evenings by the fire more often these days. A wonderfully crafted bourbon that is bold and complex, but offers delicious fruity and floral notes. This higher proof offering works well sipped or in cocktails.

Foragers Black Label Gin – 46% 70cl

This gin has been my go to for G&Ts and martinis since we got Foragers in stock. I don’t know how I’ve without this gin for so long! Praised by chef James Martin on his Great British Adventure. Intense and smooth juniper notes, with richness from the sea buckthorn. Wonderfully crisp and elegant.

Brugal 1888 Gran Reserva Doblemente Anejado Rum – 70cl 40%

The rum for whisky lovers! This bottling from Brugal range is a beautifully distinct rum that crisp and dry, but not overly sweet. Double-wood aged for 6-8 years in White American Oak Casks, followed by 2-4 years in first-filled Spanish Sherry Oak Casks. The cask aging is where it makes it more reminiscent of a single malt.

Suntory Chita Japanese Single Grain Whisky – 70cl 43%

This is the first single grain whisky from the house of Suntory. Originally Chita grain whiskies have been used to enhance the flavours and harmony of Suntory blends. Now, it has gained a level of complexity and sophistication that allows it to walk on it’s own! Clean and mild, with wonderful rich honey & spiced oak flavours.

Stalla Dhu Single Cask Glen Elgin Port Wood – 48% 70cl

Can’t finish this list without our newest release from the Stalla Dhu range of independent bottlings. This Glen Elgin port wood finish is perfectly aged and bottled at the best ABV, hitting the sweet spot. Aged in ex-bourbon barrels and finished in first fill Port cask. Flavours of toasted almonds, fresh plums, and nougat. Intensely creamy!

Happy Sipping,


A True Beam-Suntory Crossover!

It was definitely big news when two major whisk(e)y powerhouses merged to create a massive East/West giant! Beam and Suntory merging was an exciting time for the whisk(e)y world, wondering what the marriage between Japanese and American giants could bring us in the form of golden liquid! Well, that came to fruition with Legent Bourbon.

Legent Bourbon is the love child of two whiskey legends from opposite ends of the globe and years of quiet collaboration between the both of them. Fred Noe, Jim Beam’s Master Distiller, and Shinji Fukuyo, Suntory’s Chief Blender. Both men bringing their expertise to the table and ultimately learning from each other! Fukuyo learning the art of the bourbon mash bill in a continuous still, along with intricacies of how Kentucky’s climate plays a role in the maturation. Noe on the other hand learned, what Japan is great at, how to use different cask finishes and blending them expertly! Unlike in Japan, blended whiskey can sometimes have a negative connotation in the United States. This is a bottling that will help shed that perception.

Legent is the blend of three different versions of Jim Beam. All three start out as Jim Beam’s standard Kentucky Bourbon mash bill, then 2 versions are secondary cask finished. The standard being the bourbon barrel finished giving the traditional oaky vanilla and caramel flavours which represents a big portion of the final product. The other two versions have that same bourbon transferred to secondary casks. One, California red wine casks, and the other, sherry casks. The sherry gives the nutty, slight spice, dried fruit flavours and the wine casks showcase the more mild red fruit flavours. At the end of all that, Fukuyo works his magic and blends them all together in this beautiful final product.

This whiskey is a perfect addition to the bourbon world and represents what two cultures working together can yield! A wonderful product of innovation.

As you drink Legent neat or on the rocks you’ll notice it change quickly as it sits on your tongue. It starts like a bourbon – rich, warm and oaky. Then, like a Japanese whisky, it features both complex layers of dried fruits and spice. Adding an ice cube or two accentuates Legent’s already bright, smooth and unexpectedly long finish.

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6 Great Whisk(e)y Distilleries to Visit

We all may enjoy having a dram from the comfort of our own home or favourite watering hole, but how about at the source?! Whether you you want to make a specific whisk(e)y focused trip or just find a nice addition to your travel experience, you’re in luck. We have put together a small list of distilleries around the world that would definitely make for a good time!

Nikka’s Yoichi Distillery. Hokkaido, Japan.

While I don’t believe you could go wrong visiting any of the distilleries in Japan, Yoichi would be a personal favourite. Having been built in 1934 after leaving Yamazaki, Masataka Taketsuru wanted to emulate the Scottish distilleries he loved so much. So in true Scottish fashion, he built Yoichi up north nestled between the mountain and the sea. Coal fired pot stills creates whisky with those similar seaside flavours and slight pettiness that a lot of people love from Scotland. Grab a tour and take in the beautiful surroundings. The love of whisky transcends the language barrier!

High Coast Distillery. Kramfors, Sweden.

If you are in or planning a trip to Sweden, take a trip up to High Coast Distillery (formally Box Distillery). Opened in 2010 on the Ångermanälven river in and old wooden box factory, they have already been producing some great whiskies. Producing both peated and un-peated malts, you can take one good look at this company and see that they put their hearts into producing the best product they can! They have a visitor center, restaurant and whisky bar for those that are looking for a whisky adventure.

Blair Athol Distillery. Pitlochry, Scotland.

No whisky distillery list can have Scotland missing from it. There are so many great distilleries in Scotland that it warrants a trip just for them! With that in mind, we decided to just stick a couple on the list. Blair Athol sits in the beautiful town of Pitlochry and is the self-proclaimed “gateway to the Scottish Highlands. Anybody wanting a true Scottish experience will not be disappointed. A beautiful distillery with an equally gorgeous surrounding. They offer plenty of tours ranging from £9 to £250 all day experiences.

High West Distillery. Wanship, Utah.

Now we’re heading all the way over to the Wild West in Utah! A truly unique distillery for sure, it is the first legally licensed distillery in Utah since 1870! Founded by a former biochemist with a love for the old west and made famous by their different blend creations. They also produce their own high quality spirits at the 25,000 square foot compound. Tours of the beautiful distillery are available as well as an accompanying saloon in Old Town Park City. A must for anyone that has a love for the old west and good whiskey.

Highland Park Distillery. Orkney Islands, Scotland.

For those feeling adventurous and want to get away from the normal Scottish whisky trails of the Scottish Mainland, this one’s for you. Visiting this Viking Homeland has always been at the top of my list; it’s fierce and remote, rooted in great Nordic/Scottish history, once ruled by Viking Kings. Pack accordingly and just prepare for some awe-inspiring surroundings. Warm up with some of Highland Park’s delicious whiskies while on one of their tour options!

Woodford Reserve. Versailles, Kentucky.

With bourbon being beloved all over the world, we couldn’t make this list without a bourbon distillery! Sitting right in the heart of bourbon country, Woodford creates a wonderful small batch straight Kentucky bourbon. Sitting on Kentucky’s oldest distilling sites where Elijah Pepper started crafting whisky in 1812, Woodford is a registered historic site. If you are a bourbon fan, you won’t be disappointed with a visit here. Also, nothing is stopping you from continuing on the bourbon trail to the many other distilleries in the area!

While this list is not an end all be all list, it is one to put ideas in your head! There are plenty of distilleries in this world that will suit many different people with a variety of tastes. We just compiled a small list of places that sounded great to us!