Flor de Caña

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  • Posted on: 28/02/20
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Easily one of our favourite rum distilleries to grace this fine planet. Flor de Caña puts out some incredibly tasty rums across the board and have been recognized around the world for it. While yes, there are SO many rums out there to get through, Flor de Caña will always be a constant on my shelf.

These days pretty much anyone can create rum, in most parts of the world, if they so desired. Though you’d be hard pressed to find a rum with as much stature and dedication to the community around them as Flor de Caña.

Established in 1890 at the base of one of the largest volcanos in Nicaragua, Flor de Caña have been creating super premium rum for 130 years! Throughout this long and sometimes rough history, they have been able to remain a family run business for 5 generations!

Not only are they rooted in this great history, the company is committed to running a truly sustainable distillery. They didn’t just do this to be trendy, it is something they believe in. Their spirit has been 100% distilled with renewable energy for over 10 years, and they have planted 50,000 trees a year since 2005. Even more impressive is that Flor de Caña has provided free schooling for the employee’s children since 1913, and since 1958 offered free healthcare at the company hospital. So not only do they care about the environment around them, they also strive to invest in their workers and the community. The distillery is also one of just a few spirit companies to adopt the Fair Trade practices.

Flor de Caña has taken so many different awards over the years. Not limited to: “Worlds Best Rum Distillery”, “Global Rum Producer of the Year”, and “#1 Rum on the Planet”. You know you will be getting something truly delicious

All the rums are truly natural from the field to the bottle. Naturally aged in premium white oak bourbon barrels sealed with Nicaraguan plantain leaves. All of their rums are matured without artificial ingredients and no added sugar content. Not many large rum companies promise that.

The Luxury Collection includes the 25 year old and is their finest full body sipping rum. The Ultra Premium Collection includes the exceptionally smooth 12 and 18 year olds. The 7 year olds fall in the Super Premium Collection and are balanced, full-bodied rums perfect for high end cocktails. The Premium Collection are young and light rums great for classic coctails.

Make sure to give this awesome brand a try if you have not already!

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